Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rocky Horror Show . . .James Joyce's Ulysses . . .No Contest!

James Joyce sat in Paris and wrote his Ulysses, his tale of wandering about Dublin "from memory," with a commercial directory of Dublin and a digest of world literature by his side. These books provided his mock-epic with geographic minutiae and a chronological succession of literary styles. Is this wit? Is this art? Is this crap?

Richard O'Brien wrote his musical Rocky Horror Show by juxtaposing seventy years of cinematic horror upon the popular music and social conventions of America in the 1950's.

Attach the following adjectives to one of the two: funny . . .fun . . .witty . . .dramatic . . .boring . . .informing . . .surprising . . . .

Watch this blog for similarly subtle treatment of Jacques Derrida*, the imperious and impenetrable propagandist of post-modernism. Coming soon!

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