Monday, August 10, 2009

Support Democracy in Iran !!!

I do not know how to support Iranian democracy at this moment. I do know that we must - as a moral imperative, as well as a hope to avoid war soon and a nuclear confrontation sooner or later.

The anecdotal news from Iran is blood-curdling, hard to verify and likely true.
The Obama administration should be doing a lot. The world press should be giving more attention to Iran.

Hillary Clinton should be making big noises here and there's nothing but Bubba bringing back babes from North Korea to a welcome choreographed by LA public-relations firms. The situation in Iran is reminiscent of Bubba's inaction in Bosnia while Muslim women were dying of dehydration tied to beds in Rape Motels.

The details are appalling but ineluctable, making these questions clear and obvious:
  • Why all this silence?
  • What does it cost us to protest these travesties?
  • What does it cost our souls to fail to protest these travesties?

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