Thursday, June 4, 2009

Starving the Soul

"We are mistakenly led to believe that the world is as secular as it appears to our eighteenth-century Enlightenment eyes. As a result of this secular philosophy, the divine is met only in our profound social problems and in our personal psychological and physical illnesses. . . .As long as we leave care of the soul out of our daily lives we will suffer the loneliness of living in a dead, cold, unrelated world. We can "improve" ourselves to the maximum, and yet we will still feel the alienation inherent in a divided existence. We will continue to exploit nature and our capacity to invent new things, but both will continue to overpower us, if we do not approach them with enough depth and imagination."

This is from Care of the Soul, by Thomas Moore. This observation most eloquently explains the despair and isolation that are all around us. It applies equally to our politics and our arts and our most intimate encounters.

I commend this insight to you for consideration.

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